Carpet-making is one of the most ancient folk crafts in Azerbaijan.
From the point of view of technique Azerbaijan carpets are divided into two classes,the flat-woven and the knotted-pile ones.Carpets of the first class include the Palas,Kilim,Djejim,Shadde,Varni,Zili,and Sourmak types.They are smootch-faced and represent earlier stages of carpet-making.Carpets of the second class have a pile knotted in during the process of manufacture,a later development in the craft.They include such types as those of Kuba,Shirvan,Ganja,Kazak, and Karabagh. The carpets derive their names from the localities in which they were produced,as well as from the techniques of their manufacture,the characteristic patterns of their ornamentation,the layout of the design,and the colour scheme.
Azerbaijan carpets are noted for the variety of their design,their poetic imagery,and their technical perfection.

Gollu Chichi,knotted-pile carpet Kuba,early 20th century. Wool.207x143 cm

Shab-i hijran ('The Night of Parting'),knotted-pile carpet .1976 By Latif Karimov. Born 1906. Wool. 178x122 cm

Kilim, tapestry-woven carpet Shirvan,19th century. Wool.341x196 cm

Perebedil,knotted-pile carpet Kuba, 1883.Wool.214x143 cm

Kazar,knotted-pile carpet Kazak,early 20th century. Wool.272x125 cm

Animals, knotted-pile carpet .1965 By Latif Karimov. Born 1906. Wool. 165x110 cm

Varni, flat-woven carpet Karabagh,19th century. Wool.270x202 cm

Shykhly,knotted-pile carpet Kazak,19th century. Wool.314x128 cm

Hila Afshan,knotted-pile carpet Baku, 19th century. Wool.270x144 cm

Soumak, flat-woven carpet Shemakha, late 19th century. Wool.291x216 cm

Hanlyk,knotted-pile carpet Karabagh, early 19th century. Wool.240x145 cm

Garhun,knotted-pile carpet Shirvan, early 20th century. Wool.218x140 cm

Ganja,knotted-pile carpet Ganja,20th century. Wool.238x158 cm

Zili, flat-woven carpet Baku, late 19th century. Wool.200x148 cm

Gymyl,knotted-pile carpet Kuba, 1902. Wool.148x130 cm

Nasimi,knotted-pile carpet (woven with a portrait of Nasimi, a great Azerbaijan thinker and poet of the 14th century). 1973 By Kamil Aliev. Born 1921. Wool.180x125 cm


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