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This is a Home Page of Azerbaijani physicists working at
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


Useful information about our republic:

More detailed map

Remembering "Black January": A Decade after

Black January - 1990

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic 80-th Anniversary Day

Official ADR Map here in comparison with current state borders and demographic data

Khojaly massacre webpage

What you should about Karabagh (Nagorny Karabakh)

Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences - Mirror from Baku

Azerbaijani Diaspora

Baku - a tour of the city in pictures

Another site with very good pictures of Baku

Azerbaijan History Pages

Azerbaijan History also here - Treaty of 1805 year

CIA World Factbook'96 - Azerbaijan Page

Azerbaijani rugs - Mirror from Baku

Azerbaijani cuisine - Mirror from Baku

Art Gallery featuring Azeri Artists

Links to some of the Azerbaijan Web pages in the cyberspace:

Baku Web Page
AZERBAIJAN International Magazine
Azerbaijan President's Home Page
Azerbaijan Official Site ( with a lot of links)
Azerbaijan Society of America
Newspaper "Ayna"("Zerkalo")
Virtual Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Internet Links
Azerbaijan On-line
Baku Vision
Azeri News
A to Z of Azerbaijan
Nashe Vremya (Baku)


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